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Siddhartha Kale Debate 2018

The annual Siddharth Kale Debate was conducted on August 29, 2018, Wednesday at Navy Children School, Delhi. The day witnessed a total of 28 speakers expressing their views for / against the topic:
*In the opinion of the house a broad knowledge base is more important than a deep knowledge base.*
Mrs Smita Kale -mother of Siddharth Kale was also present for the debate. Our judges for the day were- Ms Shraddha Srikant and Ms Prerna Kundu ( alumni of Navy Children School, New Delhi)
Trophy for the best speaker was bagged by Anahat Ghuman (10 E) , first runner-up trophy was awarded to Arjan (10A) and Shalabha Sarath (12A) won the second runners up trophy.
Vikhayati Vats (11A) was judged as the best interjector of the day.
Students spoke with great enthusiasm and stretched their mental legs out while debating over the topic of the day.


The Navy Children School conducted the sixth edition of the Model United Nations on the 29th and 30th of August. Human Rights Council was simulated and seventeen bright delegates from schools across Delhi assembled to deliberate and discuss on the agenda- Eliminating Rascism, Racial Discrimination, Xenophobia and other related intolerances.

The Executive Board opened session by guiding the students about the rules and regulations of the Committee. The session began with the General Speakers’ List followed by the unmoderated and moderated Caucus. Various motions were raised including the impact of Education on rascism, the impact of rascism on discriminated groups with special emphasis on women and children and the impact of rascism on migrants. All the topics were discussed in- depth and concrete solutions were arrived upon.

The Committee was then asked to create a Draft Resolution. Although there were clashing opinions, the delegates put forward factual arguments and the committee was deemed successful.

Soon after the valedictory function was attended by the Principal, Mrs. Oshima Mathur, who felicitated the delegates with prizes. Overall, the session proved fruitful and enlightening for everyone.

Aarti Ashwin
(Member of the International Press)