Facilities & Infrastructure


There are well-equipped laboratories for Biology, Physics Chemistry Geography and Mathematics. Children have easy access to these facilities under the supervision and expert guidance of teachers.

Computer Labs

The school has 3 computer labs equipped with the latest multimedia machines for students from KG to XII .Computer Aided Learning (CAL) packages specially designed to make learning more interesting are used like Extra Marks (for classes VI - XII). These are computer based teaching systems which involve capsules on various subjects which are displayed on television through networked computers installed in all classrooms.

Special Educator & Counsellor

A Counsellor and and Special Educator provide good support to all the emotional, behavioural, interpersonal and academical problems faced by the students at all levels. A special educator is present to render help to children with special needs and offer students a shoulder to lean on in times of stress or upheavals.


The school boasts of an airy well lit, spacious cafeteria along eco-friendly standards.


A Variety of games and sports constitute a part of the daily routine, NCC, Tennis, Table Tennis, Football, Volleyball, Cricket, Basketball, Atheletic sports, Yoga


The open air red stone structure helps to hold competitions and workshops amidst nature.