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"Education is of utmost importance for personal, social and economic growth of a society as it empowers minds that will be able to conceive superior thoughts and ideas. Therefore, we at Navy Children School Delhi, impart quality education to the students to match the global trends with equal emphasis on ethics and moral values. It is our constant endeavour to mould the young minds to develop into capable and responsible citizens of our country. I am sanguine that through the collective and concerted efforts of the management, school staff and parents, we can achieve any goal, we set our eyes upon!"

Cdr Gurbir Singh (Executive Director)

Director's Message

Dear Students, The mission and goal of our school is to excel at everything we do. It can happen only if you are excellent in whatever you do.Excellence doesn't happen by chance. It's a conscious decision to apply superior thought and meaningful execution to every deed. Develop a consciousness excellence. So, if you want to achieve excellence in big things, you ought to develop the habit of excelling in little things that matter.It's not an exception, dear students, its's a prevailing attitude. Jai Hind

Mrs. Oshima Mathur, (Principal)

Principal's Message