Navy Children School, Delhi

Affiliated to CBSE.

30 students from various schools took part in MUN at NCSDelhi on 7-8 May,2024; acting as reps of Int'l Press, equity committee & esteemed chairs. Discussions on 'Sustainable Energy for Development' transformed working papers to resolutions; enriching diplomatic skills of children.
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The NCSMUN 2023 was another edition of the annual event that provides a platform for students to engage in rigorous discussions and debates about global issues, while also building their skills in diplomacy, negotiation, and public speaking. The United Nations General Assembly- Financial and Economic Committee (UNGA-FINCON) was attended by 17 delegates from 7 schools.
The agenda for the committee was "G20 and Emerging Economies of the World." This topic was selected in light of the recent shift in global finances, with three of the top five GDPs in the world being located in Asia.The delegates skillfully navigated the complexitiesof the topic and showcased their active involvement by frequently posing questions and exchanging ideas through Points of Information (POIs) and question chits.
On the second day, a policy paper was unanimously approved by the committee, underscoring the depth of thought and collaboration that characterized the conference as a whole. The seamless functioning of the MUN was a result of impeccable planning and execution by a combined team of current students and alumni- Divyansh Godara Samrat Vashisht,Tamanna Sharma, Sarika Sharma, Kanishka phogat & Mihir Ranjan.
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The NCS MUN 2022 was held on 23-24 August. Attended by 5 schools, the agenda was "Reviewing the situation in Ukraine".This was in light of the events following the Special Military Operation by Russia on 24th February 2022. The delegates represented their countries proficiently and engaged in intense debate and discussion.The delegates actively asked questions and justified their stance on the issue.Various topics like the loss of lives, shortage of commodities, harm to the environment as a result of the Russia -Ukraine conflict were discussed .On the second day ,two draft resolutions were signed by Ukraine and Russia along with their respective allies. 2 working papers were signed, one neutral and one in favour of Ukraine with 6 and 9 clauses each.
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Online NCSMUN 2021, held on 17-18 August, 2021 was attended by 5 schools. The agenda of discussion was 'Ocean Sustainability'. The flow of the committees was extremely smooth and vibrant . All the delegates presented their points well and actively asked questions to each other. On the 2nd day the draft resolution with ingenious ideas to save the oceans was prepared by the delegates. The draft resolution was very well written and had 21 clauses, 3 sponsors and 10 signatories.
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