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Report on KG Graduation Day 2021

KG Graduation Day was celebrated virtually on 6th March 2021. Parents and children joined the live session through MS Teams .The principal Mrs. Oshima Mathur addressed the parents and children on this joyous occasion.

The program started with an Invocation dance performed by LKG seeking the blessings of the Goddess of knowledge. The children of UKG A performed a qawwali. It offered a glimpse into the world of boundless abilities of the children .The children of UKG B showcased a skit “The Sunflower story” It tells us that how the Sunflower got its name, and why do they always turn towards the Sun. The fillers for the programme were the children who participated in various inter-school competitions, their contribution was showcased where they narrated a fairy tale with a twist, to eat healthy, how to use the tablet and take care of the environment by not polluting the sea.

Children were felicitated with graduation certificates. The programme concluded with a vote of thanks by the Head Mistress Mrs. Vrishali Yadav.